About Us


Almost all of the language tutorial programs presented in this web site are designed and produced by Shining Star Multimedia. We are a family operated business centered in Southern California, USA.

We are primarily involved in developing interactive multimedia programs that are used for general training, education, manuals, and advertisement of various products. We work in partnership with language experts, teachers, animators, and graphic artists to develop programs that are informative, user friendly, and most of all -fun to use.




First on the market -since 1996!

We are the first company to provide interactive Amharic tutorial programs in the world … and we have been perfecting it ever since. We developed the first program in 1996 with the help of former Amharic instructors and a multimedia producer. We have been improving and perfecting our programs for the past twelve years and counting. That is longer than any one of our competitors.



Market Leader.

We are the market leader. We have been selling our products to the world with great success stories. You can find our programs at language libraries including Yale, UCLA, Harvard, USC, NYU, Howard, and even at the US Ministry of Foreign Affair's office. We have a wide range of users from second generation Ethiopians to those who are completely new to Amharic. We have trained parents that have adopted Ethiopian kids, tourists and business men, diplomats, relief workers from non-profit organizations, UN soldiers stationed in Ethiopia , and many many more ...



Unique Approach to Teaching Amharic.

We have a unique approach that is new and fresh … not the same ‘ol stuff! Not all languages are taught the same way. Our competitors uses template-based programs developed for other European languages. You just cannot teach Amharic the same way you teach French or Spanish. Our programs are developed from scratch with Amharic ONLY in mind.



Our Team.

What makes us really stand out from the rest is our team. We have a new generation of Ethiopians with a new approach to teaching Amharic that has been tested and proven effective. Our team is made up of language experts, educators, programmers, and even professor from Addis Ababa University , to bring you a well balanced approach to learning Amharic.



Hear what others say about our programs.

Our customers are our inspiration. We listened to what they had to say and made improvements after improvements. Click here to hear what our customers say about our programs.